The manufacturing sector in India is poised for a phase of remarkable growth because of policies like the ‘Make in India’ campaign and higher limits on FDI in various sectors. The government is opening up the economy and attracting larger investments. These investments are largely aimed at improving manufacturing industries in India.

With large investments imminent into the manufacturing sector in the near future, the demand for the skilled workforce is set to rise exponentially. We, at Transhill, understand these changing trends and work as a seamless unit across various sectors to meet shifting needs and expectations of you by helping you recruit appropriate candidates with the right skill set and experience. We cater to Cement, Paints, Fertilizer & Pesticide, Chemical, Pharma, Oil & Gas, Electrical, FMCD, Process industry, etc.

Automobile and Engineering

We have a commendable record of timely delivery of services in the most challenging atmosphere in talent acquisition in the Automobile and Engineering sector. Over the years, we have successfully executed various customer assignments and stayed ahead of the curve in this domain. We have become a specialist in understanding the pulse of engineering segments’ human resources.

Going forward, this segment is expected to see phenomenal growth with FDI inflows, “Make in India” and Atmanirbhar Bharat campaigns. We understand the industry and its requirements very comprehensively and our team of consultants with a robust background of the industry across the different levels of the value chain ensures that we work on these mandates very efficiently. We extensively addressed Automobile and Auto components, Engineering, Automation, Design, etc.


Through our decade of experience in the industry, we understand that the product development cycle for the Pharma sector is a long-drawn process. It is thus important for you to find reliable talent who have the ability to focus on product innovation in the long run. We are committed to providing time bound and high-quality value-added search solutions for a wide range of executive and managerial roles for API and Formulation segments.

E-Commerce, FMCG and Retail

India is emerging as the largest consumer marketplaces globally, which is in turn creating demand for a higher workforce. Well established distribution networks, cheap operating costs, easy availability of raw materials, and the presence across the entire value chain are the factors highly supportive of E-Commerce, FMCG, and retail sector in India. We, being an experienced staffing provider, always set a benchmark of bringing the right talent for permanent as well as temporary staffing solutions.

Financial Services

Talent acquisition is becoming a perennial problem for financial service sectors. The changing economic policies expect the industry to cope-up without delay and thus, our customers always demand a skilled and updated workforce. The new avenues facing the Financial Services sector in India has catalysed the need to hire highly talented professionals with exhaustive experience and appropriate skills to address the huge growth potential ahead of the industry. We employ all our networking and collaborations in filling the vacancies with the right potential candidates. We address Big 5 Consulting and Audit Firms, Commercial banks, Insurance companies, NBFCs, Pension &Mutual funds, and Micro Financing financial entities.


Currently, India has one of the largest higher education systems in the world and has become the second-largest market for e-learning. The Education sector has been witnessing a paradigm shift, driven by digitization and due to Pandemic. At Transhill, we understand, human resource plays an important role in this sector. E-Learning is going to be the new norm. With an in-depth understanding of the sector, Transhill’s consultants have the ability to deliver results across the entire Education realm.


Healthcare, which is the most progressive service sector will always have distinctive requirements of doctors, nursing staff, chemists, support, and others in large numbers. Transhill has developed the capability of attending the huge healthcare requirements along with other specialized services to support them in serving the society continuously.


The Indian Telecom industry is in a phase of consolidation after witnessing tremendous growth over the past few decades. However, the Telecom sector is likely to create a few lakh new jobs on the back of technological advancements, deeper penetration of smartphones, and entry of new players in the segment. Our exposure to the telecom industry gives us the strength to understand and equip the talent in voice and data space. With the current Pandemic, telecom industry will play an important role in E-Commerce, Education, Business, and many more. We’ve been constantly matching ever changing requirements of the segment with our understanding of the segment.


The Indian Logistics sector is a major contributor to the country’s growth and is integral to the progress of almost all other industries, including infrastructure projects. The government has facilitated a conducive environment for the Logistics sector by introducing GST and increasing investments in building dedicated corridors for Road, Sea, and Rail transport. Transhill has successfully executed requirements in Supply Chain, Inbound, and Out-bound logistics.


The Infrastructure Industry is a pivot that helps all other inter-related industries achieve growth in the market. The government has huge outlays planned as investments to be made in the near future towards augmenting infrastructural capabilities in India. Also, government-to-government contracts are being signed for the development of key infrastructural projects, which are large scale and requires technical expertise. We at Transhill have maintained a pool of extremely talented and experienced individuals in the public sector who are looking for challenging opportunities in the Infrastructure space.

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